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Heart & Soul


A home for The Trinity Fox by Andy Council, revealed as part of the end of project celebrations photo @Khali Ackford

Heart & Soul

In 2018 we celebrated Trinity's place at the heart of the community through a programme of accessible workshops, heritage trails, talks and social events, as well as online content, physical displays, two paid internships and volunteering opportunities.

“Excellent that this is accessible regardless of financial wealth; good platform for finding new possibilities for self development, vital for community that stuff like this happens at Trinity"
Workshop participant
  • The activities engaged  680  people of all ages directly, including 21 volunteers, attracted new visitors, diversified perceptions of the organisation and promoted our aims.
  • 162 people came along to our Talks as we welcomed speakers to share their thoughts about the challenges and achievements of transforming and preserving historic buildings. Speakers included Architects Tim Ronalds and Fidel Meraz, as well as Marcus Hammond of x-Church Gainsborough
  • 4 local artisans delivered 38 workshop sessions inspired by the traditional crafts used to build Trinity. 52 participants created stained glass, ceramics, textiles and woodcarvings that now from part of the indoor visual history trial in the building.
  • 90 people attended our guided heritage walks around Trinity and Old Market




Why we preserve and celebrate the diverse heritage of our local communities

We believe that heritage is a powerful source of social capital, the physical fabric of many communities, and a source of national and local identity and pride.

Heritage is broader than just the historic built environment – it is also about the heritage of communities, language, dialect and cultural traditions.

Our heritage projects:

  • Preserve and celebrate the Trinity Centre as a building of historic interest
  • Explore, document and champion the cultural heritage of Bristol's diverse communities, such as people's stories, backgrounds and traditions
  • Utilise the power of heritage to improve quality of life, extend opportunity and strengthen community cohesion
  • Record and document this architectural and cultural heritage so that it can be shared with future generations

Find out about our past projects, supported by Heritage Lottery Fund, to explore heritage of the building and local community

Vice & Virtue


Oral history project exploring the rich heritage of Old Market; one of Bristol's most famous high-streets. Old Market is known for its historic architecture and townscape and its national significance as a Conservation Area.

From the history of Bristol's Gay Village since the 1980s to the history of vice that dominates perceptions of the area, the cultures, sub-cultures and changing demographics of this ancient, now modern market place are much spoken about.

What's Your Trinity Story?


Oral history and archiving project about the Trinity Centre from 1960-today. The project explored the rich history of the Trinity Centre, with specific reference to its role as a music and community venue.

Trinity is probably best known for its role in the music scene of the 1990s, when it played host to some of the biggest domestic and international music stars of the time. Its other incarnations have included its life as a parish church up until the 1970s, a base for African-Caribbean communities in the 1980s and its continued use as a music, community and training space today.

The project culminated in an exhibition, book and online archive.

The Bristol Sound Project


This project explored Trinity's role in the community and Bristol music scene, 1829-2009.

The Trinity Centre has long been described as the birthplace of The Bristol Sound. From punk to reggae, dubstep to drum 'n' bass, Trinity has been at the heart of Bristol's thriving music scene.

The project featured a series of creative workshops for young people, based on the Trinity Centre's colourful and varied past, culminating in a site specific performance At Tether's End.


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