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We Out Here Festival Live Stream

Trinity Presents Online

During lockdown 2020-21, Trinity continued to provide a diverse programme offer through Trinity Presents Online. Our archive of content, below, includes live streams from DJs and artists, online sessions with Tutors from our music making programme, in focus interviews and content created by Trinity facilitators and resident artists.

Content Disclaimer: We are working with external artists, partners and organisations to provide a live stream of exciting content, relevant to Trinity's diverse audiences and in line with our Free Speech Policy. While we endeavour to ensure the live streams we share are relevant and appropriate, Trinity is not responsible for individual content created by third parties. Content may include links to third party websites, use platforms promoting commercial services and/or endorsement of third party products. Trinity is not directly affiliated with any third party. Any link to external sites, products or use of third party platforms is not directly endorsed by Trinity unless explicitly stated. Trinity is unable to change or update content created by third parties. However, please contact us if you have any concerns about a live feed.