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Balance of the Cosmos

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We teamed up with leading Circus Company, Cirque Bijou, to bring you a premier streaming of their outdoor spectacle Balance of the Cosmos. This show was originally created for the Taiwan Lantern Festival 2020 and was attended by over 160,000 audience members across 16 shows.


Balance of the Cosmos streamed on Facebook, Sat 18 July and now you can watch it right here. The show started a special day of live-streaming, celebrating Bristol Harbour Festival, and highlighting some of the UK's most exciting dance and circus artists, with streams, excerpts from shows and especially curated short performances.

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About the show

Balance of the Cosmos was created for the Taiwan Lantern Festival, held in the City of Taichung in February this year through a UK / Taiwan co-production.

The show featured over 80 artists and was a true multi-cultural collaboration, celebrating artistry from the UK, France, USA, and Taiwan. It tells a simple story of the need to balance our desire to live interesting and exciting lives with our respect for the environment.

The show was performed by high wire and FireWire artist Jade Kindar-Martin, high wire artist Chris Bullzini, and aerialists Karine Kindar-Martin and Abby Evans. The music was performed by Michael Fergie, Aelfwyn Shipton, Muniyu Saliljan and Lady Nade. Balance of the Cosmos was devised, choreographed and created by the cast and creative team; written and directed by Billy Alwen and produced by Cirque Bijou, in collaboration with Yangling Company. Choreography by Yu yen Fang and Grace Willow, with music composition by Martha Tilston and Diana Yukawa.

Photo Credit: Lin Chunyung. Film Credit: Cultural Affairs Bureau of Taichung City Government

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