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The Final Frontier, Feb 2022

Art of Resistance

Two-year project exploring 100 years of social activism, protest and civil disobedience in Bristol and the art that underpinned each movement.

Between 2020-2022, Trinity will explore how key movements and their messages have been amplified by different art forms such as poetry, textiles, posters, banners, music and performing arts. We will chart the lived stories of inner-city Bristolians and, explores the city's history of grass-roots artistic, community and cultural movements.

Heritage & Activism

Bristol's identity as a city is linked to a history of movements, civil disobedience, riots and protests – from the Bus Boycott right up until the Tesco Riots. It’s a city where people feel empowered to make change and have a voice - this can be seen throughout its history as much as in its identity today.

Over a two-year programme, our team of researchers, interns and volunteers will explore key movements including Women’s Equality & The Suffragettes, Workers Risings & Bristol Riots and Anti-Racism & Anti-Fascism.

We will look at a modern-history of counter-culture and civil disobedience between 1980-today, exploring how the city’s continued activist undercurrent has shaped recent oral history and reminiscence sessions, workshops, talks, trails, exhibitions and events for people of all ages and backgrounds to engage with, connect through and be inspired by stories of our shared past.


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