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by sarah last modified 11/07/2022 10:58 AM

Co-creating with communities

by sarah last modified 11/07/2022 10:58 AM

Lantern Parade in Newtown, part of The Wish List. Photo Khali Ackford

In March 2021 we launched an ambitious community arts project, 'What I Want To Be, What I Want To See' that asked communities to share their hopes and dreams for the future, post-pandemic.

"I would never have thought I would ever enjoy doing anything like this, but I've absolutely loved it! Thank you!" Lantern Making participant

Online we shared content from our partners and residents' groups Misfits Theatre, Hype and Dance For Parkinsons. Outside we took to the streets with a robot named S.U.S.A.A.N who collected (socially distanced) hopes and dreams from local residents. In our Garden people added to a temporary community arts sculpture.

We created an open call for a paid commissioned for an artist to collaborate with local residents to creatively respond to drawings, poems and other creative responses collected. The commission was awarded community arts practitioner, Michelle Roche whose community arts project ‘The Wish List’ encompassed the spirit of 'What I Want To Be, What I Want To See' .

Collaborating with Newton Network, a community development organisation and local community members The Wish List curated a series of ‘creative happenings’ across the community of Newton. Events included weekly 'creative coffee mornings’ to create the lanterns for the magical mid-winter Dolphin Parade. A resident community painting day with artists Rose Popay and a public playlist of their favorite songs – sharing the unique identity of this vibrant corner of Bristol. A lasting legacy of the project is residents continuing the creative coffee mornings at Rosever House, a retirement complex.

Projects like these are part of our commitment to creating opportunities for artists and communities to co-create together, find out more about how we support creative communities here.

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