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With blackout drapes, sprung wooden floors and technical lighting in both halls, Trinity is a perfect performance venue

Rider Shafique performs his solo show I-Dentity in Fyfe Hall in 2017 (photo @ Khali Ackford)

Our beautiful upstairs hall offers a dramatic space, with sprung oak floor, underfloor heating and stained-glass windows providing natural lighting and a unique back drop.

The space also has floor to ceiling black out drapes and technical lighting making it an incredibly versatile space for performances whether in a traditional end on format or in a round. The large performing space can be adjusted to best fit your show.

Fyfe Hall is also great for dance, theatre and circus rehearsals and development work. See our hire rates for more details or contact us for more information regarding artist development opportunities.


Trinity has the best space for dance development and performance in Bristol

Ella Mesma Company performs Ladylike in Fyfe Hall, part of our IGNiTE theatre and dance programme. Photo @ Jessica Bartolini

Trinity has installed the best Junckers flooring - European Oak with UnoBat Batten System - a first choice for a high performance area-elastic sports or dance floor.

The New Era UnoBat System is a tried and tested sports, dance and multi-purpose flooring.

Junckers has carried out extensive development and testing work to develop a high performance levelling system which meets the current EN standard for sports flooring.

It is also the first choice for sports halls, dance studios, performance spaces and multi-purpose halls. The system has a very good load bearing capability whilst maintaining its excellent shock absorption characteristics.

The system meets the highest level of performance under EN 14904 and is Class A4 rated. This standard sets out the required level of performance of area elastic floors including ball bounce, vertical deformation and shock absorption. This makes it ideal for sports and dance floors.

To find out more, please download the Junckers New Era Levelling Systems full specification.

"Trinity have provided essential space and support for local dance artists...What is particularly exciting about Trinity is the capacity for dance artists to make different types of connections with other artists and audiences. They are uniquely placed for cross fertilisation of arts practice." Katy Noakes, ReStaged

The Trinity Centre is used by the community for private parties, meetings and functions as well as public events. There are no restrictions as to who can book or use the facility and tiered hire rates are available to charities, voluntary groups and local residents to create more community activities.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking, with the balance due by the date indicated on your invoice and prior to your event taking place. By making payment you are accepting our Terms and Conditions of hire.