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Freedom of Expression

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Freedom of Expression

Trinity believes freedom of expression and intellectual freedom are at the heart of our mission

Discussing issues raised in performances is a key part of our IGNiTE programme. Here Keisha Thompson and Eshiva Wright take part in a post show talk back (photo @ Jessica Bartolini)

Freedom of Expression Statement

Trinity offers a safe environment where people can come together to celebrate, find joy and make fond memories and to enable this it’s vital for everyone to feel empowered for who they are. In line with our vision - creative expression for all - we seek to uphold the right of everyone to experience and express diverse visions and perspectives.

As a multicultural centre, we are committed to providing people from different backgrounds and communities with positive shared experiences. We want to make sure The Trinity Centre is an inclusive space where everyone can enjoy music, art and freedom of expression.

Through seeking to amplify the voices of diverse artists and under-represented groups, there may be times when a Stakeholder’s personal or religious beliefs may not fully align with those of other Stakeholders and Trinity Representatives.

Trinity does not take a moral position on intersectional matters of belief. Where possible and within the law, Trinity will seek to remain neutral to ensure all people and communities can feel included. We will not censor artists in response to competing moral interests or political or ideological pressure.

We are an anti-discrimination organisation and we want to make sure The Trinity Centre is a safe space where people are free to be themselves. We do not tolerate hate, discrimination or harassment and we will not work with artists or groups where it is found their behaviour is intended to provoke division or negate the enjoyment of the freedom of others, in line with the law and our Code of Conduct and our policies.

If or when controversies arise from Trinity platforming an artist or exhibiting their work, we welcome public discussion and debate, with the belief that such discussion is integral to artistic and creative freedom.

We encourage anyone to contact us if they have a concern about a particular artist, event or activity.

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