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Trans Inclusion

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Trans Inclusion

Trans inclusion

Trans Inclusion Statement

In conjunction with Trinity’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy, Trinity has a Trans Inclusion Policy that sets out guidelines to support trans and gender non-conforming representatives and stakeholders.

We seek to provide a supportive environment for trans representatives and stakeholders and to create a culture and environment where trans people are able to thrive.

Our policy applies to all representatives and stakeholders of Trinity and is applicable to any individual whose gender differs from that assigned at birth; those who identify as trans, gender non-conforming, those who don’t identify with a binary gender (or any gender at all) and those whose gender changes over time.

Definitions and terminology relating to gender identity are evolving. There are many different trans and gender non-conforming experiences and Trinity welcomes each individual to let us know what language they prefer to use.

Trinity does not yet have separate gender-neutral toilets. Trans and non-binary visitors and employees are entitled to access the facilities which correspond to their gender identity, or which they feel most comfortable using.

Trinity will take all reasonable and practical measures to provide facilities and spaces to cater for all our users and are committed to working with individuals to establish what is best for them, this includes varying signage of WCs for specific events and audiences.

Trinity will not tolerate discrimination, victimisation or harassment on the basis of a person’s gender identity, gender expression or trans status. See our Anti-Harassment Statement for more info.

For more information please see our Trans Inclusion policy.

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