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by sarah last modified 02/11/2022 11:10 AM


by sarah last modified 02/11/2022 11:10 AM

Trinity stand in solidarity with the Bristol DIY Arts Network and call to keep Culture at ‘arm's length’

Arts organisations from Bristol have come together to create #67MillionVoices, to raise awareness of the possible risks to the future of creative freedom of expression in the arts.

As many were buried in the National Portfolio application, the newly launched Reviews of Public Bodies programme announced it will examine the operations of all arm’s-length bodies in England - including the Arts Council, the BFI, the National Lottery Community Fund and Historic England - to assess whether "they should be abolished or retained" (The Stage, 16 May 2022)

The UK have always held a firm ‘at arms length’ stance to the arts and heritage sector. Over the last two years, pressures from the 'Common Sense Group' has  sought to reduce this independence, and have lobbied the Government step in and take action against charities and arts organisations whose work is not in keeping with 'British values'.

What does it mean to be British and who should get to decide?

DIY believe diversity is strength. It makes our art better, our heritage stories richer and Britain greater.

It is the job of arts and heritage charities to reflect on our past and recontextualise history for audiences in the present day.

The presentation of narratives counter to those that we may be more familiar with is not about, ‘doing Britain down’. Instead, this provides us with an enriched learning environment and builds a more accurate picture of what it means to be British today.

This freedom of expression is critical to the arts and enables us to celebrate our diversity.

Here's how to support this work:

✔  Keep culture 'at arm's length' #KeepItArmsLength #HandsOffOurHeritage
✔  Uphold the Human Rights Act #ProtectHumanRightsAct
✔  Protect freedom of expression #ProtectFreedomofExpression

✔Write to you MP, download a template letter

✔Amplify #67MillionVoices on social media

✔ Get Informed – read the online timeline of events so far

#67millionvoices make culture - use yours today

Bristol DIY Arts Network is an independent gathering of arts organisations and arts practitioners, large and small, who deliver cultural programmes within the city of Bristol. We meet regularly to advocate for the sector and to discuss and inform policy.

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