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Thirst For Knowledge CANCELLED

Starts 07:30 PM to 09:30 PM
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Thirst For Knowledge CANCELLED

A special event brought to you by

Thirst For Knowledge x BREAD: Rising Questions

The recent political debates highlighted questions such as:

“Should we prioritise the Environment?"
"How do we celebrate diversity and deal with immigration?"
"How do we ensure fairness, justice and equality in our society?"

These are all questions of Ethics and Morality. Coupled with these are foundational questions, such as:
“Why are we here? What is it to be human? What is life?”

This event aims to provide a relaxed space to discuss these questions, whilst equip people with the tools and information to guide their decision-making processes.

How are we going to do this?
The heart of Rising Questions is the small group, round a table hosted by a moderator. This is where people can ask questions, talk through issues, build relationships and community. The small groups are not like other small groups. The moderator’s focus is on allowing guests the space to ask questions rather than offering all the answers, and to elicit new questions. Initial stimulation is provided by a challenging talk from the front.

Come along, book tickets now at the link above, all profit donated to a local charity

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