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PassivHaus Thursday

Starts 07:30 AM to 06:30 PM
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PassivHaus Thursday

A day of FREE events hosted by gcp Chartered Architects

PassivHaus has only recently beenadopted in the UK but there are now over 250 completed projects.
Most of these are individual houses, with a handful of multiple-unit housing schemes and a sprinkling of non-domestic projects including
offices, a care home, student accommodation and schools.

Recently, there have been some significant multi-million pound commitments by major clients such as
Exeter City Council, The University of Leicester, Camden Council, The University of East Angliaand Norwich City Council.

Morning talk
‘PassivHaus in the city, it’s not just for Grand Designs’
Access to exhibition (7.30am to 10am) with complimentary tea, coffee and really good locally made pastries.
The event will explore some of the limitations of developing small schemes through to large scale,
housing led, multi-million pound (£92m) housing-led mixed use projects.

Exhibition of Certified PassivHaus products and building systems (10am to 3pm).

Design review surgeries (11am to 3am).
Your opportunity to explore the implications of developing a project to the PassivHaus standard.
If future energy costs are a concern to you then bring your house, school,
office or even factory for an informal review.

Afternoon talk
‘PassivHaus: is it really deliverable?’
Access to exhibition (3.30pm to 6.30pm) with complimentary tea, coffee, Austrian wine and beer.
Hear from contractors, specialist suppliers and construction professionals
who explore the particular drive within their businesses to build to
PassivHaus standards and how recent research suggests a
convergence of cost for PassivHaus and 2016 Zero Carbon targets.

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PassivHaus in the city, it’s not just for Grand Designs
Design review surgeries
PassivHaus: is it really deliverable?

For more information go to
PassivHaus Thursday overview

This is a free event but places are limited.

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