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Rosangela Silvestre Dance Workshops

16/07/2014 06:45 PM to
17/07/2014 10:00 PM
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Rosangela Silvestre Dance Workshops

From Salvador, Brazil, learn the Silvestre Technique with Rosangela Silvestre

Rosangela Silvestre is a teacher, choreographer, dancer and creator of Silvestre Dance Technique. She is originally from Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. She travels the world teaching and investigating movement, dance and music. Her intensives in Salvador draw dancers and people from all over the globe for the last 14 years. Her studies have led to her degrees in dance and choreography as well as Limon, Horton and Graham techniques. She was a choreographer for the Bale Folkloric da Bahia and Odunde.

The Silvestre Technique is based on the idea of the body having three main triangles. From the feet to the hips is the triangle of Earth/Balance. From the hips to the shoulders is the triangle of Expression. The shoulders to the head form the triangle of Intuition. In using Silvestre Technique you learn to use these triangles along with the elements of Nature to creating an opening to an understanding of the Body Universe. The Body Universe (our instrument) can then be used to create dance wherever we are, in the moment.

Orixa Dance movement is traditional Afro-Brazilian dance that is used in ceremonies in Condomble in Brazil. It is a communal, sacred dance that honors the Ancestors. The belief is that we can invite the Ancestors to walk/dance with us to communicate messages to us from the Past to help our understanding of the Present and Future. We honor Nature and ourselves when we dance.

For more in-depth information see her website:


In these 3-hour workshops we will explore these ideas and movements.

Sessions are open to all / Class is from 7pm-10pm / Registration opens at 6:45 / £20 per night.

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