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BCCE recievership

Bristol County Court put Trinity into the hands of the Official Reciever.

Bristol Caribbean Community Enterprise Group had debts of more than £100,000.

Midland Bank was the company's biggest creditor, but the Inland Revenue (who was owed £23,000) brought legal action.

Its Chairman at the time (from November 1983), Mr Richard Davis, said in Venue no.70:

"We had several months' work to do on improving the appearance of the's tragic and we feel very bad about it all."

He believed they could turn their losses around but needed to overcome the drawbacks (like the gravestones outside the road widening and the state of the building) which were thought responsible for people's reluctance to use the place: "We inherited a lot of problems. It's been a long, hard slog and it seems everything's been against us."

Centre Manager, Fitzroy De Freitas was accused of stealing money and running away to Jamaica. It transpired that he was actually living at his sister's house in Clevedon, penniless, with massive loans out on his former property due to Trinity. Sadly, the rumours stuck anyway.

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