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Thanks For Your Support

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Garden Party: Voyages - Image Credit: Alastair Brookes

Thank you to everyone who has donated to Trinity and supported the work we do - your support throughout 2023 has enabled us to uphold our values to respond, amplify, and empower communities through arts and culture.

This year, with your support, we have taken the first steps to shape a new future for Jacobs Wells Baths, the Grade II former dance centre in Hotwells, in which we are driving a collective vision to restore and reopen the space for this and future generations.

As part of our children and young peoples programme we created pathways for some of the youngest members of the community to take part in creative provision, through free-to-access sessions for children such as Carnival Dance workshops with Movema, summer garden sessions, and music-making workshops for ages 16-25.

With the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund we uncovered 100 years of radicalism in Bristol, creating an interactive timeline and publishing a book about Bristol’s history of activism, through oral testimonies and first-hand accounts from people who were part of, and shaped by, protest movements in Bristol. These testimonies are part of our online archive.

We programmed a diverse range of arts and music as part of our in-house programme ‘Trinity Presents’, offering a platform for local up-and-coming artists and collectives such as RepresentAsian, as well as putting on shows with legendary artists such as Donae’o. We welcomed over 3000 people to our free community Garden Parties over the summer, programming a range of activities with the community in mind, as well as platforming a number of incredible local artists, bands and DJs.

In collaboration with Tamasha Theatre Company and Coney we created an interactive theatre piece ‘Duppy Hunter'. The piece was inspired by the stories shared by residents of St Paul’s during workshops within the community, in which participants reminisced over the old shops, nightlife, community movements and music which filled their younger years, which informed the narrative of Duppy Hunter.

As part of our Communities and Neighbourhoods programme we have been collaborating with organisations and the neighbourhood surrounding Trinity to celebrate and build the social connections within our locality. We linked with Onion Collective to create a digital map of unseen community connections, we supported communities who may be traditionally underrepresented to host community led events, from a regular Equality Dance event to a disco for the over 55’s to a celebration of Caribbean and Black British Culture in Festus Market and Party.

We're really excited for 2024, where we'll continue using the arts to celebrate and connect with local communities. We hope you can join us too!

Thanks for your support this year – we couldn’t do it without you.

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