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In Conversation: Gardna

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In Conversation: Gardna

Gardna - Credit: Khali Ackford

Gardna - Credit: Khali Ackford

Gardna - Image Credit: Khali Ackford

Ahead of Gardna's headline show at Trinity on the 14 Oct, we sat down with the man himself to chat humble beginnings, highlights from 2022, and what makes Bristol such a special city to perform in.

Trinity are collaborating with Gardna as part of Trinity Presents, our in-house programme celebrating our diverse city and platforming emerging talent.


Can you tell us a little about the origins of Gardna?

This question immediately took me back to being a young wild and free G Man aged 13, I'd always be blue toothing grime riddims to my mateys on my flip up Sony Ericson phone outside the local skatepark standardly. Then bars became a hobby then it became something more serious, making tracks regularly so on and so forth, then gigs, hundreds of free gigs, and then yeah I haven't really stopped since.

How's 2022 been for you so far? Any particular highlights?

It's been absolutely crazy to be quite honest. The albums done alright, my tune R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P has had over 100 plays on Radio 1, it's even been getting smashed out on the Breakfast Show, my tune is on the Playstation game FIFA 23, I am currently BBC Radio 1 Future Artist of the month this month? Tore up Glastonbury, opened Boomtown and did 30+ festivals. Toured America with Mungo's Hi Fi. Been on one this year mate.

How has your relationship with Trinity developed over the years?

I've been coming here for a while now. Loads of unreal nights here over the years, the venue and it's love for sound system music is unmatched in this city. Jamell has had my back and put me on for a few things at the venue including their legendary Garden Party. He believed in me to put on my headline show at Trinity, it's a big leap of faith, but its happening.

In your opinion, what makes Bristol such a special city to perform in?

Bristol is Bristol innit. We know what we're doing here in this city. No messing about. There's really no place like home.

The lineup for your event at Trinity is quite something - how did you choose who to include?

First and foremost, I'm just a massive fan of everyone playing at this event. I've booked them to be there because they're flippin great and they know how to really work the dancefloor in true Gardna & Friends style and flavour. Whether I've met them this year, or we've known each other our whole teenage lives - this line up is my musical family and it's a representation of emerging artists, long time collaborators, Radio 1 DJs and absolute foundational legends. Everyone on this line up has in some way single-handedly changed the game for me at some point and I owe them ALL a pint. Or just a good gig in October.

What should the audience expect from your night at Trinity?

A celebration of the spectrum of sound system music. My biggest headline Gardna show to date. Amazing guests. Oh, and tears. There will be tears. And rum.

What's next for Gardna?

We have some banging R.A.V.E.A.S.A.P remixes and we're already deeply in the zone writing my next album right now. Can't stop won't stop. See you in October gang.


Gardna + Friends will play Trinity on 14 Oct as part of Trinity Presents, our in-house programme of music and arts. Click here to get your tickets.

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