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by sarah last modified 29/06/2022 11:54 AM

Black Roots

by sarah last modified 29/06/2022 11:54 AM

Don’t miss a rare chance to see Black Roots live at Trinity on 02 July as part of The Mid Summer Reggae Festival – hosted by Dub Legacy and one of Bristol’s top radio stations Ujima. Black Roots will be joined by some of the best soundsystems in the scene including Green King and Indica Dubs.

The history of Black Roots is intertwined with Bristol’s relationship with reggae and the reggae scene as a whole. Formed in St Paul’s in 1979, the group were an integral part of the early sound system culture in the late 1970s/early 1980s that defined Bristol’s music scene at the time. Set against a backdrop of rising racial tensions in the city, seen most clearly through the St Paul’s Riot in 1980, the emerging sound system culture was a way for young Black people in the city to carve their own space within the local music scene.

While discriminatory entry policy barred entry for many young Black people in a number of Bristol’s venues, Trinity opened its doors and soon became renowned for hosting reggae and sound system events.

Sound system culture was part of a wider DIY scene that still exists in Bristol today and the grassroots approach to music allows for local people to define their city’s music scene from the ground up. After garnering international acclaim for their raw, honest approach to roots reggae, Black Roots went quiet until 2004 when they went on to drop 4 new albums ‘On the ground’, ‘Ghetto Feel’, ‘Son of Man’ and ‘Take it’. Their newest release was in 2021 ‘Take it Easy’.

This event is not to be missed - click here below to check out the full line-up and get your tickets.

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