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Wildlife Gardening Science

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Wildlife Gardening Science

National conference to update gardeners on exciting new information about the wildlife in their gardens

This unique event will interest gardeners, garden-lovers, and anyone with an interest in nature. This is a great chance to hear about the very latest research into gardens and their wildlife, explained in straightforward language by the scientists involved.

Wildlife-friendly gardening is becoming very popular, but there are still many myths and misunderstandings about the best way to encourage creatures in our gardens. For some kinds of wildlife, such as wild bees, recent research is showing that gardens and allotments can be a richer habitat than farmland or the open countryside. The Wildlife Gardening Forum promotes better understanding of science and best practice, and this special conference will allow you to hear about some of the fascinating new research directly from the researchers themselves, as well as to network with other keen enthusiasts.

Several speakers will be presenting new research about pollinators, how important city gardens can be for pollinators, and how the choice of plants can influence them. We will also hear about new work on the hunting range and impacts of domestic cats; on the diseases which are affecting our garden amphibians such as frogs and newts; and the effects of supplementary feeding on garden bird communities. We will also hear how wildlife gardening is being used to promote human health well-being.

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