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17/07/2015 07:00 PM to
18/07/2015 10:00 PM
Fyfe Hall
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Explosive new show from live artist Liz Clarke


Ladies & Gentlemen (because that’s how it always starts)...

You are here tonight to witness an amazing, an incredible and a death defying feat. She’s a renegade mechanic, an altruistic megalomaniac, and the mistress of contradiction herself; ladies and gentlemen, I give you the new and improved 50% extra extra, one-woman husband and wife team...Betty Bruiser!

This intimate and interactive performance piece charts the story of ordinary people leading extraordinary lives and the struggles and everyday triumphs they notch up. It brings together cannons, sheds and high heels in way that has never been seen before. The audience will be treated to feats of bravery and bravado, tales of triumphant jumps and brushes with death, all served with a generous helping of glitz and glamour (Betty always accessorises with her hardware).

However, behind the gaudy exterior we glimpse the woman beneath the false eyelashes and gunpowder and her real, fragile self emerges. Through Betty Bruiser,  Clarke presents questions around feminism, the domestic, and the many roles of women with wit, electric blue lurex, a matching cannon, pyrotechnics and low level dirt.

Betty would like you to know that her outfit matches her cannon at all times.

Doors: 7pm

Show starts: 7.30pm (Friday 17th & Saturday 18th July)

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