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Bom Shanka Music - 10 years anniversary

11/11/2017 10:00 PM to
12/11/2017 06:00 AM
Ticket price
£15 adv +bf
Age limit
18 +
Contact number
0117 935 1200
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Bom Shanka Music - 10 years anniversary

Bom Shanka music with Planet shroom productions, are hosting one of the biggest psychedelic music events in Bristol this year!

So 10 years of shanking!!

We are planning a one room event of pure Bom Shanka Music madness! As we have been blasting for 10 years we thought we would host this party all for the fans of the shank!! This one is going to be turbo killershit!

This event will be featuring all the Shanka crew and the information will be out soon on these arrangements! But we can assure everyone who is into the baddest sound out there, this definitely will be one NOT to miss! So keep an eye out for the next steps of this monster of a birthday party!! 

Set times For the Best psytrance Ever!

10 years of set times

10 - 11.30 Al n Richie (aka psymmetrix/asimilon/dirty saffi)
11.30 - 1am Illegal Machines and Simon Piemon
1 - 2 Parasect and Dj Suhtek
2 - 3 Parasence
3 - 4 Chris Rich and Synthetik Chaos
4 - 6 Aardvark, Dj Nuky and OccularSo 10 years of shanking!!

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