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by sarah last modified 04/02/2020 05:04 PM

Max's Story

by sarah last modified 04/02/2020 05:04 PM
Max's Story

Trinity's Youth Music project Making Tracks

Making Tracks Youth Music

Photo @ Khali Ackford / KoLAB Studios

Max is a young man who has been coming to Trinity off and on for the past year. He started playing the drums at the age of 12 but in recent years had no access to a drum-kit so stopped playing.

Making Tracks has provided Max with weekly lessons, teaching him the rudiments of drumming for the first time and creating opportunities for him to realise songs he had written in his head for years.

“I've never really had the facilities and encouragement to do this before, but I'm making these steps, and although they're not speedy they’re at a pace that I’m comfortable with and I'm really enjoying the journey.” Max

During the course of the year Max has found it easier to retain musical information, and both his confidence and musical ability have improved significantly.

He shows great insight into the value of projects like Making Tracks and the benefits they offer to young people like him who may suffer from anxiety or self-doubt and therefore not push themselves forward: “I think it's important that that's what these places do, they try to encourage people who aren't fully out of their shells or fully know what they want to do, to explore things and just have fun with it, because it shouldn't be a stressful thing, not knowing what you want to do.”

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