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by sarah last modified 11/02/2023 07:51 AM

Our Pledges 2023-26

by sarah last modified 11/02/2023 07:51 AM
Our Pledges 2023-26

Community Consultation

Community Consulatation

Trinity's Community Consultation

Thanks to the support of Architectural Heritage Fund, we were able to carry out an extensive community consultation, led independently by Artspace Lifespace. Working with PH3 Designs, we also worked to update our Feasibility Study for the Trinity Centre, to ensure we have a plan for future capital works linked to the feedback of communities we serve.

Our 12pt action-plan, linked to our Business Plan for 2023-26 will help to ensure we remain on track to respond to these fundings and recommendations, in line with our values:

Accessibility & visibility

  1. Achieve 'Attitude is Everything Charter' Silver Award to further improve venue accessibility
  2. Develop a 'soft' entrance into the building, introducing visual aesthetics to make the Centre more inviting, welcoming and celebratory of our communities
  3. Provide a programme of publicly accessible drop-in activities to enable visitors to attend and utilise the site freely

Relevancy & equity

  1. Develop activities in direct response to feedback and community needs analysis, including open access activities for young people and targeted provision for men aged 55+ living locally
  2. Increase place-based work, delivering activity outside of Trinity to connect and engage new communities in partnership with local groups and artists
  3. Adopt Equity Union minimum rate of pay for freelancers/artists and prioritise resources to nurture and support locally embedded artists
  4. Invest in a cross-sector partnership model and prioritise support for grassroots groups who can proactively respond to community needs and interests

Reach & representation

  1. Develop existing and new participatory decision-making forums to ensure representation across programmes
  2. Develop targeted community-specific communications and engagement, including neighbourhood champions to reach our diverse communities and celebrate community achievements
  3. Adopt Unlock: the Inc Arts Diverse Workforce Toolkit, which includes inclusive recruitment actions to reach and support a diverse workforce

Responsibility & accountability

  1. Update our 2014 Green Audit to identify short, medium and long-term actions in response to the climate emergency
  2. Appoint a dedicated mental health lead for Trinity’s workforce and offer mental health first aid training to support staff and centre users


Trinity’s values are Empower, Respond and Amplify and we are committed to living these values through the proactive development of our workforce, programme and building. In response to previous surveys and feedback we have taken the steps to ensure our actions align with our values, including:

  • Empower: Becoming a Real Living Wage employer in 2020 for all age-groups and roles, to ensure everyone is paid fairly to start their career in the arts

  • Respond: Appointed a new Activities Coordinator in 2021 to lead asset-based community development activities and initiatives

  • Amplify: Ran the 100 Beacons campaign, 2022 to raise the profile of the work of community buildings across the city, helping to inspire a £4m Community Resilience Fund for the city

If there is anything else you think we could or should be doing to make sure we live out our values, please get in touch with your suggestions:

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