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During a pandemic and coming up to Christmas, at a time when families are forced apart, it feels important to celebrate the beautiful shared lullaby songs that bind us together down the generations.

"In this time of quarantine, children's lives have been turned upside down and many of them are anxious. Singing our children a song as a lullaby, soothing them to sleep feels all the more poignant right now. I looked out of my window and imagined all the songs in different languages being sung by parents and grandparents, to comfort their children. Singing lullabies connects us with an invisible thread back to our homeland, our heritage, our mother tongues and to each other". Roxana Vilk

‘Lullabies’ is a project that Roxana Vilk has been running as part of her time as a Resident and Associate Artist at Trinity Arts Centre in Bristol for the past two years. In 2020 the project was selected to be part of the Nationwide Here & Now project, celebrating 25 years of The National Lottery.

Roxana is a British-Iranian artist. Through her work teaching English to refugee women at the Malcolm X Centre in Bristol, she had the idea of using lullabies to bring together communities. Since the outbreak of COVID19 Roxana has continued to collect, record and share lullabies from around the world, as a way to find common ground between different communities and cultures and to create a project that connects us, creating an online community where culture and heritage are celebrated.

We are inviting the public to share their own lullabies with us.

What did your family sing to you? And by lullaby we mean any song you may have been sung or sing, it doesn’t have to strictly be a lullaby. What do you sing to lull your child to sleep at night? We’d love to know the story behind it, who taught it to you? and what does it mean to you?

You can share your lullaby by sending us a video or audio recording of you singing or speaking your lullaby. It can be in any language and it can be a very simple recording from your phone or you can send it as a video. If you can send a picture of yourself too, then we’d love to see the person behind the story but we’re also very happy if you want to remain anonymous.

We will collect all the lullabies together for a very special online exhibition in Spring 2021, details of which will be released in early 2021.

To submit your Lullaby using our online tool click here


To see what we’ve done so far with the Lullabies Project you can read all about it here


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