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IGNiTE Support In-kind

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IGNiTE Support In-kind

Trinity Centre Support In Kind


As part of our IGNiTE programme, we are piloting a new scheme from January - March 2021 to offer free or subsidised space to artists for rehearsals, workshops and performances.

We want to support artists who have community participation and audience development at the heart of what they do or artists who represent the diversity of the UK.

We want to offer this in the fairest way possible and ensure that everyone has the opportunity to ask for support from Trinity. We ask that you fill in our short form that gives us all the details we need to make a decision on whether we can offer you free or subsidised rehearsal space.

Every month our Creative team meet with a selection of Trinity Members to review the applications and award as much free or subsidised space as we have capacity to offer.

To apply please make sure you have read the FAQs below and then click here to fill out our online application

If form filling isn’t your thing, we can arrange for you to answer the questions by sending us a video or audio file or via a phone call with one of our team. If you’d like to do this then please email with ‘Support In Kind’ in the subject title or call us on 0117 935 1200.


What kind of artists do you support?

We believe in diverse arts for a diverse city and we want to support artists that represent the diversity of Bristol and the UK.
We are open to artists who work in every type of art-form, even if we haven’t worked with that artform before.
We want to support artists who are developing work with our community in mind. We love ideas that incorporate our community, whether that be people that use our building as a community centre or a local community who we haven’t worked with yet.

How much Support-In-Kind will you provide?

We are aiming to provide 25 days of Support-In-Kind each quarter (3 month period) that’s 100 days a year of free or subsidised space for artists.

When is a good time for me to apply?

We have meetings at the end of each calendar month. Where possible we try and work 3 months ahead, so in December we’ll be reviewing people who are asking for support in March, but we will review applications that ask for space up to 6 weeks in advance.

Is there any cash available to help my project?

If we have commissioning or opportunities with money available to artists these will be detailed on our website. The Space-In-Kind application is purely for people who need physical space to help them kickstart their project and no fee is associated with this opportunity.

What is the difference between free and subsidised space?

Free space is when there is no cost to the artist. Because it costs us to run our building, we can’t offer this to everyone so we also offer subsidised space, this is when we offer the space at a rate that is reduced compared to our usual hire rates.

What is the benefit of Support-In-Kind to an artist?

Rehearsal and performance space can get expensive quickly. We want to try and alleviate some of that expense so artists can concentrate on being artists. Support-In-Kind (both free and subsidised space) also helps when artists are applying for funding as it shows partnership and support with Trinity.

Who decides which applications are successful?

We endeavour to make our decision making as transparent and fair as possible. That’s why we ask our members to get involved with making key decisions on who gets offered free or discounted space. To find out more about Trinity membership click here.

What can you provide?

We can provide access to our Main Hall, Fyfe Hall or Graffiti Room, a duty manager if necessary, use of our PA system and access to our lighting equipment. Please note that a technician will not be provided so you will need to provide suitable personnel to operate this safely and responsibly. All users of the space will be expected to adhere to our standard T&Cs and provide risk assessments in advance, which we can support with.


If you have a question that isn’t answered here, then please get in touch with us on with the subject title: Support-in-Kind and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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