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How we programme IGNiTE

The Trinity Centre is used by over 55,000 people a year across a range of events, including community led workshops and groups, a live music programme and creative learning activities.

In 2016 we published our programming strategy outlining our plans to further develop the Trinity Centre as a hub for learning and creative activity.  We found we wanted to to add value to our existing activity and created the IGNiTE programme to better facilitate connectivity and audience participation across the activities at The Trinity Centre.

"Thought provoking, Challenging and inspiring Theatre piece, the writing of poetry coupled with the performance and visuals make it a pleasure to see" Audience member I-Dentity

Our IGNiTE programme is reflective of Bristol's diverse communities, steered by our programming forum we are interested in programming work which is relevant to people in and around Trinity.  We want our audiences to explore and experience new ideas, encounter cross- cultural artists and participate. Whether that is in a Q&A, a workshop or within a performance.

Click here to read our programming strategy.

If you are interested in your work being part of the IGNiTE programme please contact IGNiTE Programme Manager: Rhiannon Jones

Programming Forum

Our Forum feeds back on our programme of live events and helps us to select our resident artists. In order to ensure that our programme reflects our communities, we work with an advisory forum made up of local residents, representatives of our community groups, and key staff from other arts organisations.

The Programme Forum consists of the following people and groups with a few more names to add to the list soon: Edson Burton (Project Engagement Officer / Writer & Historian)

Tom Marshman (Independent Artist / Beacons Ikons and Dykons)

Jasmine Haque (Awaz Utoah)

Natasha Benjamin (Hype Dance)

Kate Yedigaroff (MAYK)

Julia Thorneycroft (Gerry's Attic Dance Company)