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More info

Find out more about the IGNiTE programme and the impact of the programme so far

People take selfies of their head wraps with Uchenna Dance Company after their show, The Head Wrap Diaries

"...I’m a woman and a woman of colour, I loved the event as I knew it would empower me. I remember as a child and I would wrap my hair. It was excellent, and wonderful to be able to relate" Audience member The Head Wrap Diaries

Why we created our IGNiTE programme

We believe that great art is achieved through working with the widest range of people possible, this is why we created our IGNiTE programme, bringing innovative artists to inner-city audiences. Whether its dance, theatre or spoken word, we're interested in work that asks big questions about who we are and how we live. Shows are selected by our programming forum to ensure our programme is relevant to people in and around Trinity.

Through the programme, audiences get to explore and experience new ideas, encounter cross-cultural artists and take part in inspiring activities, including artist Q&As, workshops or within the performances themselves. IGNiTE resident artists are supported with space to develop and showcase work as well as the chance to collaborate with communities who use Trinity to enhance their practice. If you are an artist interested in your work being part of the IGNiTE programme, you can view our Programme Strategy here or please contact Rhiannon our IGNiTE Programme Manager for more info.