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Policies Summary

by sarahb last modified 22/04/2021 01:53 PM
Policies Summary

Trinity's policy summary

Code of Conduct - creating a safe, inclusive space in which all visitors, staff and volunteers treat each other with respect and dignity.

Equal Opportunities - promoting diversity, equality of opportunity and inclusion within all areas of our organisation and activity.

Trans Equality - providing a supportive, safe environment where trans and gender non-conforming people are able to thrive.

Free Speech - ensuring freedom of expression and intellectual freedom remains core to our mission and that this is fully reflected across our programme.

Complaints - our commitment to responding to feedback in order to improve our services and prevent future issues.

Recruitment - our commitment to consistent, fair, accessible recruitment processes and practices.

Volunteer - we are dedicated to treating volunteers fairly supporting them on their journey.

Membership - Trinity is a Membership organisation and we want to ensure the people who care have a say and stake in what we do.

Health and Safety - our approach to ensuring that we create a safe environment for all and mitigate against any risk to safety.

Food Hygiene - ensuring good practice regarding preparation, storage and sale of consumables.

Environmental - our commitment to sustainability and ensuring our activities do not have an adverse impact on the environment.

Parking - our policy to set out the fair allocation of parking resources of the Trinity Centre site.

Bookings - providing affordable facilities and resources, prioritising our target beneficiaries as well as being fair, open and transparent in our allocation of space and rates.

Training - the provision of quality training for young people and our commitment to ensuring the highest standards in all our training projects and courses.

Confidentiality - protecting the information we hold on people linked to the organisation, respecting privacy and handling information responsibly.

Data Protection - the different ways we store information - computers, online, hard copy - and how long we keep information for.

ICT - our commitment to using Free and Open Source Software to help eliminate barriers to accessing ICT and to encourage innovation and adaptation.

Safeguarding - protecting the welfare of children, young people and vulnerable adults and ensuring staff are trained in how to report concerns.

Ex-Offenders - providing opportunities for ex-offenders and a chance of rehabilitation, whilst also ensuring that staff and centre users are protected.

Substances - outlining our approach to use of controlled substances and enforcement regarding illegal substances in line with our licensing policy.

Governance Policies - Conflicts of Interest; Risk Management; Ethical; Finance; Reserves; Critical Incidents.

Staff Policies - Communications; Appraisals; Grievance; Disciplinary; Involuntary Leavers; Flexible Working; Expenses; Children in Workplace; Pets in Workplace; Absence; Pay.

Monitoring & review - The Board of Trustees are responsible for regular monitoring to ensure Trinity Policies are upheld, with day to day responsibility delegated to the Centre Director, unless otherwise stated, and periodically review all policies. If you have some feedback about a policy or procedure, please get in touch.

Disclaimer - Trinity have the right to amend or remove policies at any point. Exception to any part of Trinity Policies cannot be made without the approval of the Board of Trustees.

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